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Your charitable donation can activate Mentorforce program in 1 of 84 planned countries. Your sponsorship activates a program to grow a mentorship program where it is needed most. Join our mailing list for when we open up donations to individuals, on the greatest technology mission the world has yet to know.


Squad Leaders

Each school or non-profit we work with can activate their squad leaders to begin mobile mentoring right in their community. We partner with OneTo12 Software and their ecosystem of partners to deploy Mentorforce kits for squad leaders to activate a mobile mentor program in their community.

Squad Members

While digital life will not be all life, by 2020 a person’s means to communicate, express and access will be significantly mobile, and through the cloud. Your donation and Mentorforce participation unlocks the potential of students and young people in unprecedented ways, all in the medium in which they learn and communicate.



A primary role of any positive connection is to simply stay in touch. Think of Mentorforce has a clearing house of opportunity and hope, where the physical boundaries to mentor are no more. Mentor the world, from a phone, to the heart of a person who needs a role model more than ever. By simply sharing your advice and encouragement your spare care goes such a long, long way.

Positive Connection

It was once said that “e-Life will imitate life” so we have millions of stories to share with our mentees, as they grow up in a mobile generation. Mentorforce has developed a digital values program to help squad leaders and their mentees grow their frequency and quality of interactions to help one another. These values of respect, empathy, encouragement and leadership (REEL) are based in part on the curriculum leadership taught by the US Military Academy.