Unlocking a mobile medium of

Positive Connections.


We believe you can design software and substance together, to deliver the most positive connections in life, with mentoring that knows no bounds of time and distance. 


We can connect people based on need and interests, where distance no longer matters.


Mentorforce.Org has researched the true impact of mentorship, not just for advice but for the tiny touches of letting someone know that matter.

The supply of mentors is becoming limitless thanks to the connectivity and intelligence of technology to help us now mentor at scale.

We have surveyed kids across borders, and the defining aspect of their need runs through the mobile device they carry all the time.

Mentorforce does not want to fight technology but re-shape its use for the elevation of people through positive connections.



would mentor on a smartphone


identified mobile mentees and counting



countries where we plan to extend mentorforce


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Let’s scale the necessary.


We are on a mission to scale the world to 1M mobile mentors by 2022, delivering a nation of mentors to kids, veterans, immigrants, addicts, ex-cons, students, and anyone looking for a mentor.

95% of our grants and funds go to the activation of the mobile mentorships, thanks to the technology of OneTo12 Software and the many organizations who support Mentorforce to bring mentors to scale.

With an aging population of baby boomers and a growing population of digital-first young people we have a massive opportunity to solve the mentor crisis in the world.

As we look to the smartphone as a scalable medium for positive connections we can see millions of mentorships that never would have happened before.


Mobile mentors growth - 1M by 2022


Begin a mentorforce program…anywhere.


Scale Hope.

Mentorforce programs can begin anywhere someone has a smartphone.

You become the hub in your community, business or school, and you simply begin inviting your fellow mentors right from the Mentorforce app, powered by OneTo12.

The application allows for mentoring about anything in life:

  • career

  • life

  • addiction

  • resilience

  • family

  • health

  • hope

  • service

  • business

  • the military

  • identity

  • obesity

  • loneliness

If you have the spare care to distribute to someone in the world who seeks a mentor, then become a member of Mentorforce today.

Our mobile mentoring wave begins in 2019 and contact us for your interest in the mission that makes us all important.


Connecting the experience and encouragement of one generation to the other may be our greatest use of technology of all.