Imagine if everyone had at least one mentor in their life, even if through a smartphone. 


By 2022 the dominant means of connectivity and learning will be on a smart phone. And it is there we will mentor a million @scale.


A Right to Hope

When people have meaningful relationships they experience a sense of hope that knows no bounds, and so many relationships now use mobile as the way to stay in touch. Less is becoming more, with mobile mentoring building positive connections, to raise lives.


A Right to Reach

So much of our life’s interaction now runs through mobile, and mentoring through a smart phone means you can be that unique person to someone else. Mentorforce is designed for opportunities to mentor @scale in the US and across the world, all through the ever-present medium of mobile.


Positive Connection.

People and businesses spend trillions in mobile commerce every year, but what about a consortium that leverages mobile to unlock millions of mentors? What if your business could be part of a wonderful kind of marketplace mission to help young people to pursue their opportunities in life?


Impact, Distributed.

In the coming months we will use mobile to tap into the science of happiness, and distribute our sparecare for mentoring and telling someone they matter. Mentorforce believes that the same device you use to order a coffee or buy a ticket, can now be the medium to offer life advice and kindness to someone who needs a mentor or just a role model.


Mobile mentoring is tiny drops of life advice and encouragement to help people expand their world.

At the intersection of technology and humanity is Mentorforce, and as such we set out to use that distribution chance to help power positive connections at mass scale.


About Us

Mentors @scale.

Mobile apps can distribute almost anything, so why not enable mobile mentorship at the greatest scale possible? Mentorforce is a mobile movement fused by people and businesses who wish to change the world through the global distribution of our spare care. Making it easy for people to share their encouragement and advice is where we mentoring becomes a right for all.

Mentor, wherever they are.

Mentor, wherever they are.